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Facility Strategy

We take time in evaluation of an organization’s culture to better understand our client. We introduce workplace strategies and examine business trends to help the client navigate in forming a facility strategy. Setting sustainability goals early in the process is important for building system evaluation and budget planning.
Establishment of functional requirements and aesthetic preferences also support strategy and assist in setting a preliminary project budget.

Spiral Staircase

Site Search Criteria

Surveys and workshops assist in defining desired or unique space attributes, preferred transportation access, preferred amenities and location. We document all  preferences and non-negotiable items and determine preferred Lease Term.


Evaluate Potential Sites

Creation of a hypothetical plan assists with site review. Site survey includes study of building systems, verification of area calculations and building accessibility. Fit plans determine program adaptation and betting a level of finish supports preparation of build out budget comparison. Once all criteria is evaluated, a summary report is produced.

Project Definition

We help identify the project parameters including the requisite budgets & schedules as well as potential alternative work environments, LEED certifications, specialized technology requirements, etc.  Our experience insures early consideration and adoption of all relevant aspects which inform future phases and leads to our success rate. 


Team Development

The key to successful project completion is establishing a competent team of players; a core group of professionals dedicated to working toward a common goal. Our success in assembling the right team directly translates into a successful project.


Vendor Management

From the initial selection process through final implementation or installation, effective vendor management will help control costs and keep the project on schedule. furniture, IT, AV and security often represent a large portion of the total project cost.  Place Partners is particularly qualified to manage these often forgotten project components.  

Design Coordination

Providing the architect, engineers, and various specialty designers with accurate and timely information is essential to maintaining budgets and schedules through the design phase and beyond. To encourage information flow, Place Partners fosters a collaborative environment between design disciplines and we prepare our client so they may fully participate in the design process.

Construction Administration

For most clients completion of construction projects on time and within budget is their number one concern.  Through careful contractor selection and Place Partner’s emphasis on the collaborative work environment, all members of the construction team also embrace these goals as their highest priority.

Change Management

Our Change Management Strategy considers best methods for sharing the benefits of new workplace concepts and promoting overall building amenities in a way that feels like a win to the users. Designing interactions and communications with all levels of an organization is an art and skill we greatly value. Every interaction aims for specific outcomes but should have meaning to the individuals who participate so they well understand the value of their contributions.

Technicians at Work
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