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Place Making

“Sense of Place” is a social phenomenon that exists independently of any one individual’s perception or experience, yet it is dependent on human engagement for its existence. 


Place making, by definition is the process of creating physical environments that provide cultural, emotional, intellectual and sensory support for the people who will inhabit those spaces. The considerate planning of a space builds relationships with people and the places they create and occupy. Consideration for the changing work force, new work models, green planning application and alternative facility models produce a thriving and durable community.


Our experienced and passionate client representatives collaborate with our clients from concept to occupancy; managing projects of various size and scope on a primarily referral basis.

place partners = people + place

Julie Holaday

Julie Holaday


Julie has over 35 years of experience in the fields of design and construction. Julie acts as the owner’s representative building teams and effectively managing daily project planning and administration of projects of various type, size and budget. Julie is passionate about people and relationship building and has developed a strong skill set for communications with a goal of making information sharing both enlightening and enlivening. Julie has built many successful business relationships around her skills in project management. Her ability to align the goals of the team members and execute the plan yield efficient administration of all aspects of the project. She has the flexibility and insight to tailor the project and the team to the needs of the client, timeline and budget. She has a keen interest in keeping the project on target and the client well informed. She is a creative communicator and problem solver who inspires responsible and successful teams. 

Michelle Gayle

Michelle Gayle

Place Manager

Michelle combines 20 years of interior design and architecture practice with an MBA to provide humanistic solutions that embrace technology and are grounded in metrics. Michelle has managed all aspects of interior design projects, from design and construction to furniture procurement to change and relocation management. Now, she is focused on the intersection of technology and workplace design and management. Her particular interest is in, how we, as human beings, are cared for as technological change continues to confront us with new challenges. Michelle’s comprehensive range of skills allows her to contribute to a team at many levels. She brings a pleasant smile and quick laugh to her professional engagements, providing an easy-going and reassuring presence. At the same time, she is exacting of herself and others to maintain commitments. 

Tammy Tsao

Tammy Tsao

Place Design

With more than fifteen years of experience Tammy has developed a deep expertise in commercial interiors for corporate and technology clients. Tammy believes that design is a dialogue that should happen across the Project Team and enjoys collaborating to develop innovative solutions that respond to the unique goals and visions of each project and client. Tammy’s role is the primary interior design interface with her clients and working integrally with project teams to translate programming requirements into cutting edge interior design solutions. Tammy has a passion for and expertise in the skillful use of furniture and finishes to transform each of the spaces she works on.

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